Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

and HACCP acc. to Codex Alimentarius.

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POS SÓL-TOR and PPH Waneks-Bis are market recognised companies with many tears of experience under their belts.

For our businesses quality is paramount. We value the satisfaction of current and future customers.

Implementation and continual improvement of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System stand testament of our efforts aimed at quality. The scope of the system is geared towards vacuum evaporated salt packaging, production of salt tablets, drying and packaging technical salt; apart from that the system also includes agency in the sale of various salts, including rock salt and rock salt products.

We have an implemented and certified HACCP safety system. Identified and monitored CCP critical points are under strict supervision by both the managerial staff as well as the employees themselves, which resulted in positive veterinary opinions:

  • Sól-Tor PL: 0463 002p
  • Waneks-Bis: PL 04063 003p.

Practice shows, that the quality of our products improved significantly due to our staff’s commitment to quality. We continually achieve the goals we set for ourselves, which translated into satisfied customers.

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