Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

and HACCP acc. to Codex Alimentarius.

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Quality policy

The objective of the Quality Policy at the Organisation comprising PPH „WANEKS-BIS” and POS „SÓL-TOR” Sp. J. is packaging of table and industrial salt, drying and packaging technical salt as well as production of salt tablets - ensuring maximum customer satisfaction in terms of quantity and quality.

Staff at the Organisation emphasise compliance with internal and external quality standards through satisfaction of the provisions of law and the Organisation’s internal regulations.

Performance of the Quality Policy is based on:

  • Maintaining and constantly improving a quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements set forth in PN-EN ISO 9001:2008 and the HACCP system
  • General and conscious involvement of all staff at the Organisation in the quality system (quality is achieved through the engagement of every member of staff).
  • Improving the production process, which guarantees high food safety standards compliant with the HACCP system principles
  • Selection of qualified suppliers, guaranteeing an agreed quality of raw materials, packaging, transport and training services
  • Continual improvement of qualifications and staff awareness
  • Work structure improvements
The Quality Management System is continually improved at the Organisation.
Every member of staff is aware of and understands PPH „WANEKS-BIS” and POS „SÓL-TOR” Sp. J. quality policy.

Ensuring high quality of products
constitutes the primary task of all members of staff.

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