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Internet users who browse our website remain anonymous until they decide otherwise. Access to most resources available on our website does not require personal information to be provided.

Types of cookies in use

The cookies used by the administrator are safe for users’ devices. In particular, it is not possible for viruses, unwanted software or malware to infect users’ devices through cookies. These files make it possible to identify the software in use by the user and personalise the website. Usually cookies contain the domain name from which they originate, the storage period on the target device and an assigned value.

The administrator uses two types of cookie files:

Session cookies are saved on the user’s device and remain thereon for the duration of the session for the given browser. Then the saved information is permanently deleted from the device. It is not possible to extract any personal data or any confidential data from the user’s device via session cookies. Persistent cookies are saved to the user’s device and remain there until deleted. Terminating a session in the given browser or shutting down the device does not delete the cookies from the user’s device. It is not possible to extract any personal data or any confidential data from the user’s device via persistent cookies. Users may limit or turn off cookies on their device. If users choose this option, functions which do not require cookies will still remain available to the users.

What cookies are used for

The administrator uses own cookies to correctly configure the website, and in particular to: adopt the website content to the user’s preferences and optimise the browsing experience; to recognise the website user’s end device and display the website correctly, adjusted to their individual needs.


The website features safeguards which aim to protect data which remains under our control against loss, unauthorised use and modifications. Only a limited number of authorised members of staff have access to personal and address data. An advanced authorisation management system stands guard over access to information, which, in combination with encryption of selected data in the database, prevents unauthorised access.

Links to other sites may be published on our website, which are operated independently of us and which remain outside of our control. We provide these solely for the users’ information and convenience. These websites may be subject to their own personal data protection principles - we encourage you to remain vigilant when following links from our website and to read the privacy policies at all other websites which ask for your personal data. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for the information available on those websites nor for any activities which take place thereon.

Personal data

You are not required to provide private information in order to use our website. However, if you’d like to receive detailed information regarding our products and services, we will ask for your personal data so that we are able to contact you. The security of personal data entrusted to us is of paramount importance. We strictly observe the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws No. 133 item 883) and guidelines set forth by European law applicable in EU states. Links to third party websites


Use of the website is tantamount to a accepting the terms of use set forth in this Privacy Policy and to a consent for the domain owner to process the personal data provided by the user for the above mentioned purposes or purposes defined in the webpage content.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
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